Urdaibai - a haven for Jano (U28) and 2 young ospreys!

Sunday, 27 August 2023 14:14

Tapa 2 ospreys

Jano (U28), is clearly at home in Urdaibai! This young male osprey, whose parents are Landa(T06) and Txuriko (P1), was sighted in Urdaibai for the first time on 01.08.2023.

Jano´s presence in the Urdaibai estuary appears to be continual. Since the first sighting, he has been observed on numerous occassions and it is clear that he is able to catch fish as he has been seen eating. This is a very good sign as being strong and well fed will help him survive migration.

Seeing U28 growing and developing is a reminder of all the positive results which have been achieved by the Urdaibai Osprey Recovery project. 6 osprey chicks have fledged successfully on the Cantabrian coast this year as a direct result of this initiative. ( 3 in Santander Bay - U26, U27 y U28 and 3 in Marais de Oryx - YAI,YBI and YCI)

Anillamiento pescas

Ringing U26,U27,U28 in Santander Bay June 2023

 We are looking forward to seeing further expansion of the species in the future and perhaps a second breeding pair in Urdaibai!

 It's also important to mention that it´s not just Jano who has found a suitable place to rest and fish in Urdaibai. In addition to him, two more young ospreys have been present in the Orueta/Ozollo lagoons. These individuals are not ringed so their origin is unknown. The abundant food source and calm of the lagoons has provided an excellent place for these young birds to learn to fish and our visitors have witnessed some amazing scenes.

Catching a fish is incredibly difficult but these young birds never give up. They dive repeatedly, trying again and again to achieve their goal.

Even when they manage to catch the slippery prey, holding onto it is a serious challenge!

Watching these three young ospreys in Urdaibai is a true delight and we wish them all the best on their autumn travels


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