Thanks to all the schools that have visited us this year! UBC gives you wings!

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 10:49

WP IDThis year we have been visited by many schools from all over the Basque country. We have had visitors from 8 – 16 years old. As the course is now coming to an end we would like to thank everyone who came and reflect for a moment on the amazing time we spent with everyone.

This year we revamped our visit, making it dynamic and interactive. We focused on giving students practical skills and knowledge that would help them become real nature lovers.

The first step was learning how to identify a bird using our mini guide book. Has it got a long beak? Short legs? What colour is it? Students developed their visual and analytical skills in this activity and they had to discuss and express their ideas!


The new observation skills were then put into practice in the observatory. This involved learning to use a telescope.

using scopes

It was difficult at first but once the visitors got the hang of it, spotting the birds in the marsh was really exciting!

WP marisma

Just like real scientists, the students noted down the birds they had seen. Patience and collaboration was required in this activity as the scopes were shared. Teamwork was key!

Gathered round a huge map of Urdaibai students analysed how the landscape has changed over time and how the marsh could be affected by factors such as climate change. With rising sea levels, bird will lose their habitats in the areas near the estuary so it is vital that we conserve the upper areas of the wetlands. It won´t be easy, however, taking into account how humans are occupying  more and more space. We also discussed how changes in our everday lives can help conserve the marsh and the birds. Just being quiet when walking in a natural area or keeping your dog on a lead will allow birds to rest and recover from their long journeys. All our visitors were willing to collaborate!


The second part of the visit took place outside.
In our garden the students played the incredible new board game we have designed. It is called Arranoka, and is very exciting. When playing it, students really experience the dangers of migration. Its full of emotion and a great way to learn about the hardships birds face.

WP arranoka
Finally we walked to our exterior observatory, where we could take in the views and listen to the birds. It was wonderful to enjoy the natural environment with the students. Everyone needs green spaces for their health and well being!

WP paseo2

After completing the visit we did a short activity to reflect on the experience at Urdaibai Bird Center. We believe it is fundamental for students to evaluate their own progress and experience and their opinión helps us improve our visit.

WP reflection

For a bit of creative thinking, we asked students to invent a slogan for a new Urdaibai Bird Center 
T-shirt. They had some great ideas. One of our favourites was 

`UBC gives you wings!´

With that amazing feedback we´re looking forward to October when visits start again!

Thanks for coming everyone


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