Broadcasting: Marshes of Urdaibai

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Urdaibai Bird Center give the public the opportunity to see live broadcasts of the Urdaibai marshes. This images are output from Orueta lagoon in front of the Urdaibai Bird Center. It is a real live documentary.

The visitors of the center can enjoy the birds that come to the lake, the main protagonists of the marsh. Any time of the year is good to visit the center because birds are always on the wetland. Furthermore, types of birds you can see change depending on the period of the year, and this point makes each visit a different experience. Now, you can see them from anywhere with our live broadcasts.

Birds of the north of Europe fly to the Iberian Peninsula in winter, choosing Orueta lagoon as a wintering place. In this period we can see various species of waterfowl such us mallard, teal, northern shoveler or northern pintail. It also comes a very especial bird: the great bittern. This bird is a scarce or rare species so it is a privilege to choose the lagoon as a place to spend the winter.  Many lovers of the nature and photography come to the center and observatory trying to see this special bird.

Spring is a very special period: it is the prenuptial migration of the birds. Its fly from Africa to the north finding their breeding area. In this period we can see Eurasian spoonbills, some bird of prey such us the osprey,  black kite, hobby, marsh harrier or the tireless waders, which stop in the lagoon to feed and rest, among other. We also receive the visit of big amounts of swallows, common swifts and sand martins, always flying around the lagoon in search of insects.

But the lagoon is not only a rest area. Some birds, such as the coot or little grebe are resident all the year and they use the lagoon to breed in spring and summer. Smaller birds like the coal tit, blue tit, European robin, common blackbird, eurasian deed warbler or  zitting cisticola use also this area to breed. Swallows seek the nests where they were born, to give rise to a new generation who will return next years.

Storks also like Urdaibai, and they breed in a nest we can see from the center. A beautiful moment where we see chickens for many species of birds with their parents.

In summer and autumn, it takes place another special event for birds, also in Urdaibai Bird Center. The postnuptial migration, the big travel of many birds from Europe to Africa. We can see a lot of birds crossing our latitudes, including birds of prey, passerines and waders, on the way to their wintering areas in the south of Iberian Peninsula and Africa. It is common to see a lot of young birds born that year doing a stop in Orueta lagoon and some adults, which already know well their flyway.

Birds of prey, herons, spoonbills, waders, passerines, ducks. Hundreds of species of birds wait for tour visit to Urdaibai Bird Center. 



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